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Video Gallery

Videos of various subjects are shown below.

Starlink Trails - During the morning of March 24, 2020 the Allsky camera captured passes from two sets of Starlink satellites. The first set travel from upper right to lower left. The second, dimmer set, from lower left to upper left.

Cloudy Lunar Eclipse - The weather wasn't the best for the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 20, 2019, but the Allsky camera's capture turned out interesting anyway. Watch the stars and Milky Way pop out as the eclipse progresses!

Smoke Ring in the Sky - This larger than usual meteor, called a Fireball, heated up enough that it exploded when entering the atmosphere. The expanding smoke ring left behind is easily visible.

An Evening at Palo Duro - While camping at Palo Duro State Park in Texas I took photos to make a nightscape picture. I thought it would be interesting to also make a time lapse movie of the photos to see what was happening during the session. Airplanes, satellites, lights in the campground turning on... all things I had to deal with during processing of the final image.

Backyard Milky Way Passage - The Summer Milky Way is such a inspiring sight to see. It's hard to imagine how many billions of stars and planets are in there. In mid-May it rises from the east just before midnight and progresses across the sky till dawn. This time lapse video taken from the back yard compresses two hours of its journey westward.