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Wow!  Bryce Canyon in southwest Utah has some of the most unique rock formations of any of the National Parks.  In addition to the typical red-rock colors, there is a section that has coral pink colors.  A must visit place!

Of course, while there I ventured out at night to take some nightscape pictures.  Timing wasn't the greatest as it was only a few days before full moon.  So the first night after we arrived I went out to Sunset Point just as the moon was setting.  I only had a little over an hour before astronomical dawn to get the picture.  Although the canyon was black to the eye, the long exposures revealed quite a bit of detail in the rocks.  Sirius, the Dog Star in Canis Major, is the bright star near center.

A couple of nights later the full moon provided almost daylight-like illumination for the photo at the Paria View overlook.  I was pleasantly surprised that some of the summer Milky Way shined through the strong moonlight.  The bright "star" in the upper right is actually Saturn!

Take a look in the Nightscape section of the Astrophoto section.