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Upcoming Jupiter – Mercury Conjunction

Do you remember the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn last December? That was a pretty cool event to watch. Well, a similar event is only a week away. This time it's a pairing of Jupiter and Mercury!
Jupiter Mercury Saturn
Mercury Moves Toward a Jupiter Conjunction
Since December, Jupiter has been slowly pulling away from Saturn. They've both rounded the Sun and are now in the morning sky. Mercury has been rising in our sky and is now in between Jupiter and Saturn. This photo was taken this morning about 30 minutes before sunrise and shows how all three planets are arranged.
During the next week Mercury will appear to speed toward Jupiter and on the mornings of Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th the two planets will only be about a full-moon width apart!
If you're up during the morning twilight, look very low to the southeast horizon 45 to 30 minutes before sunrise. You'll actually be able to see Mercury getting closer to Jupiter every morning!

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